Kamis, 27 Desember 2007

What Is Google Adsense ?!

What is Google AdSense ?

well..actually Google AdSense for me, its very new. I know Google AdSense from my best friends. He told me that this is a good opportunity to have another income from Internet business. Well , when the firs time i heard about this , why not ? And i think Google AdSense can give us another income ( what i mean "Money" & I'm sure you will agree with me, right ? ). OK , after i set up what it's need , then i starts to do what my friends told me. Do you know what happens. Its was very hard & difficult , 2 month I'm waiting my account to be approved. Not only approval procedures that make me very sad , the rule of Google AdSense its very tight. I try to surf in Internet to finds a lot of information about this , but i cant find it. What i find only a lot off add that give us a lot of dreams. They said that we can be reach with out working. I disagree with that opinion. Small example : you need Internet investment money to run your business on Internet right. After this you will need a little skills & knowledge for support you business. & all that are need money. I know it was not big money , but still its need money. And you need to work to run your business on Internet. Make blogs , sites , gets information to make your blogs or web sites up to date. The most important things are " TRUST " from your client. How to get their trust are your problems to solve it. Be honest , give a good served , than you will get their trust. Not easy right ?!. But don't be afraid ! Its part of this business. Be patient that's the key.

My advised : do not very easy to trust adds that's only give you dreams with out prove. You have to be selective to this adds if you do not want to take risk to losing your money.

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Zita mengatakan...

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